Wireless Connectivity
to the Undersea Space

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  • Pushing the Envelope in Range and Speed

    OceanComm is a leader in underwater acoustic communication, and the sole vendor of modems exceeding the 100 kbps mark.

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    • Modem Electronics
    • Modem Housing
  • live_tv


    Stream video, voice, and text with payload data rates up to 400 kbps

  • social_distance


    Extend your reach with range in excess of 7 km on custom models

  • 360


    Forget about alignment with dynamic beam steering in any direction

  • location_on


    Locate assets accurately via on-the-fly ranging and long baseline positioning

  • tsunami


    Get a reliable link even in shallow water or the surf zone

  • terminal


    Deploy any protocol, from 1 kHz to 10 MHz, all defined in software

Get Video Streaming

While legacy modems take an hour to transfer a single picture, our modems can livestream video.

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  • Plug and Play!

    The modems are out-of-the-box compatible with your existing networking infrastructure. When two modems are in range, the attached Ethernet networks are seamlessly merged.

    Transferring files between modems is a breeze. For example, an 11 MB file is securely transferred in 7 min using SFTP/TCP and unmodified, off-the-shelf software.

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About us

We are an ambitious team of engineers working to address the key technical challenges that have kept undersea wireless communication in the digital dark ages.

  • Algorithm design


    Our signal processing algorithms squeeze an amazing amount of information into every available Hertz of acoustic bandwidth, over 5 bits/s/Hz.

  • Circuit design


    Efficient signal transmission requires tight hardware/software integration. We combine cutting-edge ICs with finely tuned custom analog circuitry.

  • Piezo effect


    Redesigned from the ground up. Our ultra-wideband piezo transducers achieve excellent SNR at fractional bandwidths well above 100%.

Our partners

The development of our wireless modem technology is made possible through the generous support of a number of organizations:

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